Dead Bolt

We provide deadbolt lock services throughout Pittsburgh and the surrounding metropolitan area. At our company, qualified locksmiths take on a variety of tasks in fulfilling the requests of customers who need some repairs and replacements of door locks. Our technicians are highly skilled at setting up deadbolt hardware in homes and offices. These professionals have tremendous expertise in handling deadbolt parts from some of the top brands in the industry. Kwikset and Schlage are some of the top brands that we specialize in. Additionally, we can mount door locks from other manufacturers such as Yale Security, Baldwin and Continental Hardware. With so many brands of deadbolt locks to choose from, there are also plenty of finishes available. For example, single cylinder and double cylinder deadbolts come in stylish metallic textures such as bronze, nickel, chrome and brass. These metals are very durable and also appealing in any residential or commercial setting. When installing deadbolt hardware in homes or offices, our locksmiths understand that security is an important priority for clients. Therefore, the locks are set up to resist tampering by common tools such as hammers, ice picks, crow bars, wrenches and many more. The best deadbolt locks exceed the minimum security grades set by the ANSI. Our locksmiths test all doors locks that are installed in order to ensure smooth closing and opening in the future.

Dead Bolt by Locksmiths Pittsburgh

When it comes to handling deadbolt locks, we offer professional service with warranties and guarantees on all labor and parts. Our primary customer base is the city of Pittsburgh. The locksmiths at our company are trained to work with deadbolt locks that are made by leading brands such as Kwikset, Schlage and Baldwin. These companies manufacture various models of deadbolts with double cylinders or a single cylinder. An important feature of a deadbolt lock is a standard thumbturn that is used to close a door from the inside of a home or building. From the exterior, a traditional mechanical key is used to manipulate the deadbolt via a keyway. Our locksmiths also have a great sense of style when selecting metallic finishes for door locks. For instance, aged bronze or antique brass make great additions to homes that are considered to have traditional architectural designs. Satin and weathered nickel are some popular options for contemporary settings. Additionally, it's worth considering stainless steel finishes for deadbolt locks that are supposed to be modern in appearance and durable in composition. After we install deadbolt locks, we guarantee maximum security for your home or building. Our locksmiths understand all of the ratings that are published by the ANSI. This organization provides various levels of grades for doors locks that prevent break-ins, burglaries and other unwanted visitations by strangers.